The Valencia Courthouse
 Courthouse Building in Valencia CA
The Valencia Court serves the northern district of Los Angeles County.   Division 1 of the Court
hears all DUI and traffic cases and misdemeanor arraignments.  Division 3 hears felony preliminary
hearings and in-custody felony arraignments. For speeding tickets the first Court appearance in
known as the arraignment, a plea is entered at this time.  Should a not guilty plea be made the Court
will set the case for a trial and subpoena the policeman or CHP officer that issued the ticket and will
order the defendant to appear at a future date.  

The Judges in the Valencia Court permit private attorneys to appear on behalf of their clients under
the authority of Penal Code section 977 for most misdemeanor cases, to recall a bench warrant and
traffic offenses.  What this means is if you hire an attorney to represent you in Court, you may never
need to personally appear. Contact our local
Valencia Criminal Defense Attorney if you would like to
speak to a local attorney about your specific criminal case, traffic ticket, DUI or arrest warrant.

The Courthouse also houses the Los Angeles District Attorneys office, Probation Department and
the offices of the public defender of Los Angeles County.  

Among the more common offenses heard in the Court are DUI, Speeding Tickets, Domestic
Violence and Drug charges.  The Judges in the Valencia Jurisdiction are usually residents of the
area and therefore are familiar with the local legal community.

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The City of Valencia is patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Santa Clarita
Valley Station.  The area has no local police department other than areas covered by the LAPD.  

The Valencia Court is adjacent to the Northern San Fernando Valley, however criminal cases
originating from that area are heard in the
San Fernando Valley Court.

The phone number to the Valencia Court is (661) 253-7316