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               The San Fernando Valley Criminal Court

The Court in San Fernando Valley handles all criminal cases originating in the northern
half of the Los Angeles County region.  The Judicial branches consist of two separate
Courts, the newer being the Chatsworth Courthouse located at 9425 Penfield Avenue in
Chatsworth California 91311.  This Court is made up of nine separate courtrooms and
primarily hears minor traffic and misdemeanor offenses.

The other Courthouse in the northern region is the San Fernando Valley Court located at
900 Third Street in San Fernando Ca 91340.  This is the older of the two Courts and
hears all felony cases and misdemeanor offenses as well as traffic matters.  There are 17
Courtrooms in the building and cases are presided over by both Judges and
Commissioners. Common cases are DUI, Felony Evading, Theft, Shoplifting, Probation
Violations, Driving on a Suspended License, Speeding in excess of 100 mph.

Although both judiciaries are capable of handling all types of criminal cases, the San
Fernando Court has been designated as the proper venue for all serious felony matters.  
The Los Angeles County District Attorney files all felony Charges and they maintain an
Office in the building.  The City Prosecutors Office files most misdemeanor charges that
originate in the area.

Should I hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent me in Court?  

You can represent yourself,  although it is not a good idea. Criminal Defense is a very
complex field with increasingly harsh consequences. There is a minefield of complicated
procedural, evidentiary, constitutional, sentencing and administrative license issues.
What can a lawyer do?  A qualified San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney can
review the case for defects, suppress evidence based on unlawful Police practices such
as an illegal arrest or detention, compel discovery of such things as calibration and
maintenance records for the breath machine in DUI cases, have blood samples
independently analyzed, work out diversion for drug charges and theft related offenses,
negotiate for a lesser charge or reduced sentence, obtain expert witnesses for trial,
contest the administrative license suspension at the DMV on drunk driving charges, etc.

Even if the recent arrest was for a DUI and you have prior convictions, we can help.  We
are experienced in getting multiple drunk driving charges reduced or even dismissed so
that the conviction does not affect the person's job or drivers license.
The District
Attorneys Office in San Fernando aggressively prosecutes all drunk driving charges
where the individual has had prior convictions.  However, the right criminal defense lawyer
can level the playing field.  For example, recently we defended a client with a .14% B.A.C.
DUI, he had a prior conviction 4 years earlier.  We did not cave to the City prosecutor's
demand that our client serve jail time and lose his license for 2 years.  Our San Fernando
attorneys filed legal motions attacking the State's evidence and the CHP officer's reasons
for stopping the client.  Our fight paid off and we prevailed in having all DUI charges
dropped, thereafter we successfully obtained a reinstatement of the client's driving
privilege at the DMV hearing.

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Canyon Country and Santa Clarita Valley and the greater San Fernando California area.  Our
Lawyers are available for defense of all felony and misdemeanor cases out of the Los Angeles
County Superior Courts.  The
San Fernando Criminal Defense Attorneys are licensed to practice
Law in the State of California. The information contained in this web site is intended for
informational purposes only and is not meant to provide specific legal advice to your individual
problem or case nor is it intended to provide information for cases outside the state of California.  
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originating from the San Fernando Valley and include DUI, drunk driving, reckless driving,
DWI, Driving on Suspended License, Serious Felony Charges, theft allegations, under 21
alcohol violations, among many others.  It is extremely important to have a criminal
defense attorney that knows the San Fernando Court, its Judges and prosecutors, this
gives the client a major advantage in having his or her case resolved in a favorable way.  
For over 20 years our criminal Lawyers have been in the trenches fighting for the rights of
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