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DUI with a prior, 14% B.A.C. dismissed out of San Fernando Valley Court
On September 14, 2007 our office was successful in obtaining a dismissal of both DUI charges (23152(a)
and 23152(b) ) for a client arrested by the CHP and facing mandatory jail and automatic 2 year license
suspension.  The client informed us that his job was in jeopardy if he were to be convicted so we left no
stone unturned in his defense.  We were able to find a problem with the breathalyzer and used it to push the
case forward, after numerous Court hearings the Los Angeles City Prosecutor relented and dismissed all DUI
charges thereby avoiding the mandatory  second offense license suspension from the DMV, jail, and of
course the loss of employment for our client.

Domestic Violence (Spousal Abuse) Charges Dropped
Our client, a construction worker, was arrested for a felony after his girlfriend's father called the Santa Clarita
Valley Sheriff's Station following a physical altercation.  The girlfriend claimed our client threw a suitcase at
her resulting in serious injury.  The client bailed out at $50,000.  A Court conviction for the
domestic violence
charges would mean jail time, one year of counseling, a fine, probation and a life long prohibition on the
possession of any firearms. Our office immediately contacted the Valencia District Attorney's Office to explain
our client's version of the incident.  On April 9, 2007 the case was dropped and the bail was exonerated.

Marijuana Charges Dropped
In early 2007 our office represented a construction worker arrested in Canyon Country and charged with
possession of marijuana in a vehicle, a violation of Vehicle Code 23222.  A conviction for these
drug charges
would mean 2 points on our client's driving record and a mark on his DMV record for 7 years, not to mention
the fine and potential jail time.  Understanding the possible ramifications we mounted an aggressive
defense.  In Valencia Court we got all drug charges dismissed and saved our client from the stigma of a drug
related conviction.

No Jail on Felony Possession for Sale of 3 Pounds of Marijuana
Earlier this year our client was arrested in Valencia and charged with felony possession for sale of marijuana
and allegations of conspiracy.  Our client had a prior prison record and was facing certain prison time again
if convicted.  Realizing what was at stake, we fought the case with the District Attorney.  After fighting the
case for nearly two months, we were successful in negotiating a disposition for probation and no jail time.

Commercial Driver Charges Dropped
Our client, a truck driver was cited for a number of moving violations  including speeding and log book
violations in the
Santa Clarita Court.  We took the case to trial and got all charges dropped, saving our client
substantial fines and possible loss of license.

Driving on Suspended License Warrant Dismissed
In November of 2006 we were successful in getting a warrant and driving on suspended license charges
dropped and removed from our client's record in the Santa Clarita Court.  As a result, our client was able to
get her license returned from the DMV.

Multiple Stalking Charges with Priors
Our client was arrested and charged with stalking and other harassment allegations.  The client was on
probation for the same charges and was facing prison time.  The client had the public defender and was in
jail for weeks before we were retained.  On our first Court appearance we were able to secure the release of
the client without bail and negotiated a disposition for no further jail time.

Commercial Truck Violation, Speeding Dismissed
Our client, a driver for UPS was cited for speeding downhill in a commercial truck. The client believed he was
the victim of an
illegal speed trap. His record would not allow for any more points and a conviction would
almost certainly mean loss of his license and termination of his employment.  We set the case for trial in
Valencia and were able to get the speeding violation dismissed.

DUI charges Dismissed
Client was arrested and charged with DUI in the Valley.  Client was under 21.  Our office took the case to trial
and got all charges dropped.  Subsequently, we fought the DMV suspension and won, thereby avoiding a 1
year license suspension for the Client.

Felony Drug Possession Charges Dismissed
In November of 2006 our attorney represented a client arrested on Interstate 5 for DUI, driving under the
influence of drugs, possession of marijuana in a vehicle and felony possession of heroin.  He was alleged to
have ingested cocaine, opiates and cannabis and was allegedly observed driving recklessly prior to being
stopped by the CHP.  Our office was able to convince the District Attorney that they had a weak case and
ultimately negotiated a dismissal of all felony drug charges, dismissal of the DUI and driving under the
influence allegations, and worked out a reduced charge of "wet reckless" with no jail time, no license
suspension and no DUI consequences.

Possession of Marijuana in a Vehicle, Charges Dismissed.
In December 2006, we were successful in getting charges of Vehicle Code 23222, Possession of Marijuana
in a Motor Vehicle, dismissed after a Los Angeles County Court hearing.  This meant that our client avoided
points on his DMV record and a criminal conviction that would haunt him for years.

Petty Theft Charges Dismissed
In November of 2006 we were retained by a client facing petty theft charges in the Valley.  The Prosecution
alleged our client had entered a drug store and taken various items.  The client was followed outside where
he attempted to flee.  Our office met early with the Prosecutor and arranged a dismissal of the charges
without any conviction appearing on the client's criminal record.

Residential Burglary Charges DISMISSED in Court
In November 2006 our client was released from the Los Angeles County Jail after his charges of residential
burglary were dismissed.  The client was accused of breaking through a window, entering a home finding
and opening a safe and stealing credit cards and cash.  Because of the charge, a conviction would mean a
strike on his record and certain jail time.  However, after meeting with the District Attorneys Office and
revealing information discovered during our Firm's investigation,  we were able to convince the prosecutor to
drop the charge thereby resulting in the client's release from jail.

Speeding in excess of 100 mph charges DISMISSED
Our client was charged with speeding over 100 miles per hour on interstate 5 north of Valencia.  A conviction
of this particular section of the Vehicle Code (VC22348(b)) would result in 2 points on his record (the same
as a DUI or
reckless driving), as well as a 30 day license suspension and fines as high as $2500.  Our
Attorney set the case for trial in the
Valencia Criminal Court and was able to get the charges dropped,
saving our client the long lasting consequences on his record.

Robbery and Assault with Deadly Weapon Charges Dropped
In January 2007 Attorney Matthew Ruff was successful in saving our client from a strike robbery charge.  Our
client was charged with robbery and ADW. Before retaining our office, the client had pleaded guilty to the
robbery upon the advice of another lawyer.  Before being formally sentenced, the client fired her former
lawyer and hired us.  We immediately filed motions to get her guilty plea withdrawn.  We investigated the
case and found a witness favorable to the defense.  After several Court hearings we convinced the Judge
and District Attorney to allow her to withdraw her plea and enter into a deal for a non-strike theft charge
thereby saving her from a lifetime strike and lengthy prison sentence.

DUI with a Refusal, Charges Dropped
Our client was arrested at a sobriety checkpoint.  He was taken into custody and refused to take a chemical
test.  We were hired and fought the charges in Court, the district attorney dismissed the DUI charge and
threw out the refusal allegation.

Spousal Abuse and Felony Witness Intimidation Charges dropped due to our Early Intervention
The client in this case, a commercial contractor, was taken in after a 911 call by his wife.  The Santa Clarita
Sheriff's Department charged him with domestic violence and set his bail at $50,000 which he promptly paid
in order to secure his release.  He was given a Court date to appear.  We were hired and immediately
prepared a defense and obtained witness statements.  Due in large part to our quick action, the D.A.
rejected the case and all charges were dismissed.

Driving over 100 mph, charges dropped
Our client was cited for exceeding 100 mph on interstate 5. This particular driving offense carries a 2 point
hit on the DMV and up to $2500 in fines as well as a 30 day license suspension.   He had 7 prior speeding
tickets and would lose his license if convicted.  We set the case for trial, negotiated with the CHP officer and
got the charge dropped, licensed saved!

Evading Arrest, Charges Dismissed
Our client, a business executive from Orange County, was arrested and charged with evading arrest
following a short police chase over the hill from Santa Clarita.  The client ran a red light and failed to stop for
the police when they tried to issue her a ticket.  We went to Court in Taft and met with the DA, after a number
of talks we convinced the prosecutor to drop all charges in the case.

Refusal to take chemical test after DUI arrest, No License Suspension
Our client, a resident of Canyon Country, was arrested in Santa Clarita on suspicion of DUI, he attempted a
breath test but couldn't blow hard enough, the officer called him a refusal and served him with a 1 year
suspension order.  We were retained and requested a
DMV hearing and won, his license was returned on

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