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Newhall Courthouse Building
                      Newhall Courthouse

The Newhall Courthouse is located at 23747 W. Valencia Boulevard in Valencia California 91355.

The Court serves the northern interstate 5 area of Los Angeles including highway 14 that serves the
antelope Valley, the
City of Santa Clarita and the northern district of Los Angeles County for all
criminal cases.  The Newhall Court consists of four courtrooms with 2 full time judges and 2 Court
Commissioners.  Division 1 of the Court hears all traffic, commercial truck violations and speeding
cases as well as most misdemeanor arraignments.  Division 3 hears primarily felony preliminary
hearings and in-custody felony arraignments, including drug possession and evading charges.

For speeding tickets and traffic citations the first Court appearance in known as the arraignment, a
plea is entered at this time.  The Court does not require the officer that issued the ticket to be
present at the arraignment.  Should a not guilty plea be made the Court will set the case for a trial
and subpoena the policeman or CHP officer that issued the ticket and will order the defendant to
appear at a future date.  The trial will be held without a jury.  A
local Newhall defense attorney can
appear and fight the ticket on the client's behalf.

The direct phone number to the Newhall Court is (661) 253-7316

One of the most common questions asked regarding the Court is what to do about a bench warrant
that was issued for failure to comply with a specific order or term of probation.  This type of warrant
is issued when an individual does not show up for Court, a fine is not paid or does not complete
some class or counseling required as part of an agreed to disposition, guilty or no contest plea.

The Judges in the Newhall Court permit private attorneys to appear on behalf of their clients under
the authority of Penal Code section 977 for most misdemeanor and traffic offenses.  What this
means is if you hire an attorney to represent you in Court, you may never need to personally appear.

The Courthouse also houses the Los Angeles District Attorneys office, probation department and
the offices of the public defender of Los Angeles County.

The Newhall area is patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Santa Clarita Valley
Station.  The area has no local police department other than areas covered by the LAPD.   If a loved
one has been arrested in the area he or she will likely be taken to the Sheriff station for booking.  An
attorney can visit the person at any time and can often secure the release of the individual either
through reduced bail or a release on his or her own recognizance, this is sometimes referred to as
an "OR release".   If the arrestee is not released from this location, the will be transported to the
downtown Los Angeles Jail on Bauchet Street, this facility is called the "Mens Central Jail".

The Court is adjacent to the Northern San Fernando Valley, however criminal cases originating from
that area are heard in the
San Fernando Valley Court.

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