Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Lawyer Profile

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Attorneys Matthew Ruff practice exclusively in the area of criminal defense and are local to
Santa Clarita Valley Court.  Unlike other lawyers who "dabble" in the area, this is all he
does.  They are selective about the cases they take.  It is important to the attorneys that
any Santa Clarita Valley case they take is one where they can truly help the client.  Over the
years we have obtained dismissals in all types of cases such as
domestic violence
drug possession and sales allegations, and virtually all types of criminal
charges which carry potential jail time.

Mr. Ruff has the insight and resources to properly defend your
Santa Clarita City case.  
When you hire them you get the benefit of hiring a "Legal Team"  and not just one single
attorney. They endorse the philosophy that a proper legal defense begins with experience
and a belief in the client's case.  

The attorneys have been practicing Criminal Law for well over  25 years.  This experience
counts when you have a tough case.  There isn't much these attorneys have not seen,
having practiced for this many years.  In fact, there is a very good chance we have
defended a case like yours at some point and therefore will not need to "reinvent the
wheel" so to speak.  They have been able to apply the experience they have obtained in all
North Los Angeles Valley Courts.  They have represented people for offenses out of all
areas including
Newhall, Canyon Country, San Fernando and Castaic.

Matthew Ruff knows the Santa Clarita judicial district where your case will be heard.  They
know the Judges, the Prosecutors and the Court staff where your case will be defended.  
They belong to the local bar associations and organizations in the area.  They are
members of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the National Association of
Criminal Defense Lawyers, NCDD, the CPDA and the Los Angeles County Bar

Unlike other lawyers in the area, the attorneys proudly publishes the
results of their recent
cases.  Although it is impossible to have every case they defend dismissed, they strive to
obtain the best results they can for their clients.  For them it's not just a case, it's personal.  
All cases are personally handled by the attorneys and are never "farmed out" or passed off
to a beginner.  Mr. Ruff personally oversees all cases and is available to speak to directly,
he believes this direct communication is important to the defense of the case.  You will
never be "passed off" to a paralegal or legal assistant.  

Fees in any given case are determined by the complexity and seriousness of the charges.  
Our office charges a flat fee on most cases as opposed to charging clients on an hourly
basis.  This gives the client the assurance of knowing they will not be charged any more
than the flat fee know matter how many hours are spent on the case.  We pride ourselves
in providing the best defense for
reckless driving tickets,  exhibition of speed citations and
speeding tickets arising from
illegal speed traps.

For example, in a DUI case we charge the client a fixed flat fee to fight both the criminal
court 23152 charges and the
DMV administrative license suspension hearing.  We also
have handled hundreds of drunk driving arrests so we can advise folks of the
common DUI
mistakes and can give plain straight forward advice about you options. We fight and win
refusal allegations which could result in long term license suspensions and know the
Law on DUI cases sufficiently to file and litigate innovative legal motions which
often result in the dismissal of charges.  We know that some people have fallen victim to
DUI checkpoints and aggressively pursue constitutional remedies for illegal police

Every client is given the following promise:  His or her case will be defended aggressively
and diligently from the minute we are retained.  If the client is in jail we will immediately
seek to have him or her released pending any further
Valencia Criminal Court
appearances.  If the client is facing jail we will strive to avoid any incarceration regardless
of the client's record or seriousness of the charge. The client will be kept informed of the
status of the case and will be provided with all necessary information,
resources and
advice crucial to allow the client to make important decisions regarding his or her case.

Mr. Ruff provides a free initial consultation on any criminal, traffic or
Santa Clarita DUI DWI,
drunk driving, DMV, or
Juvenile Court matter.  He can be reached at 661-327-7833
Santa Clarita Attorney